About Us

Our Philosophy


Team Tiny Pitbull focuses on dogs that appear to have special needs or are struggling in a shelter. We believe that giving these dogs a break from the shelter environment gives them the best opportunity to experience life in a structured and loving home atmosphere. Because many shelter dogs don’t come with a full history, fostering provides us with an opportunity to observe them in a stress-free environment on a daily basis.

Our Process

  • Bring a distressed dog to a foster home and provide structure, routine, exercise, basic manners and lots of TLC!
  • Introduce our new foster pup to our community via social media and chronicle their daily life with short stories and photos.
  • Determine the best family environment suited for the dog and relentlessly work with potential adopters to determine if they are a good fit.

Our Goals


All of our rescue dogs are housed in foster families, a network we have built within our community. ​We consider each and every dog to be a part of our family and we all want to ensure that they have the best life possible! If they succeed, we succeed.

Press & Media

Argus Courier: "Petaluma shelter housing animals displaced by fire"

"The Tiny Pitbull, a Petaluma-based rescue that works with the city’s animal shelter, is preparing to take in pets surrendered by their owners, or dogs left at shelters beyond the 30-day mark. The organization runs a foster network with more than 35 homes, and initially provided shelter to nearly 20 dogs after the fires. "

Argus Courier: "Pets, livestock find a home in Petaluma"


"Meanwhile, The Tiny Pitbull, a Petaluma-based rescue organization, used its foster network to take in animals, founder Christine Del Ponte said. At least four people who had adopted dogs from the organization lost their homes in the fire, and as many as 15 dogs were placed in the foster homes through the network."

Argus Courier: "‘The Tiny Pitbull’ gives dogs a second chance"


"It’s been a little over a year since Christine Del Ponte launched a Facebook page to save Tilly, a pit bull who had spent more than a year being constantly overlooked an area shelter. Within days of the online campaign, the 40-pound dog had been adopted and the larger effort called “The Tiny Pitbull” in honor of the small dog was born out of the success story. "

Hurricane 2017


With a massive effort to help the victims of the 2017 hurricanes, Maddie's Fund dedicated themselves to bring shelter dogs to safety here.

Crisis In the central Valley


Tiny Pitbull was featured in a rescue effort on ABC7

February 9, 2018 

MAD Dog, The Milo Foundation and Muttiville Senior Dog Rescue along with The Tiny Pitbull teamed up to save 31 lives.

Click here to watch the video