How It All Began...


We first started our journey with a tiny girl named Tilly. Tilly was a wonderful dog with a heart of gold. She was hard to place because she needed to be the only dog in the home. After living at the shelter for over a year and constantly being overlooked, we realized we needed to give her more exposure. As a result, The Tiny Pitbull Facebook page was created. Two weeks after, Tilly was adopted to a wonderful family who absolutely loves her and understands her needs. Today, Tilly is thriving in her forever home. We know our shelters are filled with wonderful dogs and sometimes, they just need a little help getting noticed.


Given Tilly's success, we started fostering and featuring more pitbulls/mixes, large breed dogs and generally, dogs that are considered "difficult" to place. While our dogs are in foster care, we work on basic manners, overall behavioral training and confidence building. We have had endless successful adoptions through our program and are expanding our reach with each and every dog we rescue. Our team strives to match the perfect dog a loving home, this is our passion.

Success Stories



Reuben was a 10-month old puppy who was turned into the county shelter. His first family adopted him without knowing what to do with all of his wild energy. He returned to the shelter and was considered "unadoptable." We pulled him off the euthanasia list and got him into foster care. A month later, his foster family decided they couldn’t let him go. Reuben is living the high life and we thank his new family for loving this sweet baby boy.

Emily Rose


Emily Rose came to our rescue as a owner surrender. Who knew she would have such an impact on our entire rescue! She was adopted by our founders and has become the "dog tester" and a foster sister to many of our Tiny Pitbull dogs.



Bodi came to us from a backyard breeder who couldn't sell the puppies because they were too old.  After a few days with us, he started showing signs of being sick.  Our vet confirmed all the puppies had Parvo.  Bodi was our sicked baby and received daily trips to the ER.  Now he is a Parvo survivor and living the dream life.